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One year of high-quality food for a dog.


Basic dental procedure for a dog.


Help pay for specialty surgery for a dog.


Basic vet care for litter of puppies.


Help pay critical emergency costs for a dog.  


One month of high-quality food for a dog.


Six months of flea and tick treatment for a dog.


Toys, collar, bed, blanket, and treats for a dog.


Yearly vet exam and vaccinations for a dog.


Spay or neuter surgery for a dog.

Thank you for your help!  Below, you will find some common expenses for Happy Bark.  In many cases, we have negotiated discounted services so your donation dollar can make an even bigger impact.  With Happy Bark, everyone is a volunteer, so you can rest assured every penny of your donation goes directly to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of dogs in need.  

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