Happy Bark Foster Homes are the VIPs of the organization.  They make it all happen.  These volunteers open their homes and hearts to a dog in need.  A temporary layover on the trip to a forever home and a life full of happiness.  Check out what a few of them have to say!


Foster Home Superstars

"Even though the volunteers do not get paid with money, we certainly get an hourly wage of snuggles and wet slobbery dog kisses."


First Class Miracle Worker

"Being able to provide them with a safe and loving layover before they find their forever home has been so rewarding.  I love every minute of it."


Snuggle Specialist

"Every time I get a text with a picture of Taffy, Angel, Arty, Bandit or any of our other foster dogs enjoying their new life it just warms my heart!"


Rescue Warriors

"They immediately sink into your arms for a much needed doggy hug, that feeling you get inside is an overwhelming feeling of love and joy."


Dog Advocate Extraordinaire 

"My absolute favorite part of fostering is watching the magic happen when the foster dog meets their forever family."


Expert Canine Coach

"It is such an uplifting feeling creating a bond with these dogs and helping them find their forever home."


Caring Contemporary

"We've met some pretty cool dogs this way, like Sadie girl!  So grateful to Happy Bark for the opportunity to do this!"

Erie County, Pennsylvania

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